What’s new with Pachena Bay Campground

                The Pachena Bay Campground was established in 1964 and is 55 years old. The campground is located in the Huu-ay-aht First Nations traditional Territory. Huu-ay-aht Group of Businesses (HGB) has been operating the campground since 2012. HGB has made many improvements along the way. This includes 10 rentable platformed wall tents measuring 16ft x 20ft, new reservation software, a new Side by Side for the maintenance crew to utilize, and a new design for the Pachena Bay Campground Hoodies these have been designed by Victoria Nookemus (local Huu-ay-aht citizen). This successful 2019 season has brought joy to the many Happy Campers who have been able to relax next to the sound of the waves while enjoying sunsets on the sandy shores of Pachena Bay.


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